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Tips for Asphalt Maintenance

Did you know that adding a seal coat to your new pavement during the first year is better than doing three applications in 20? This is similar to applying sunscreen, You can always add more sunscreen to yourself but it helps the most to apply it before you are out in the sun. Your asphalt needs to be taken care of and maintained so it will look the best, last longer, and cost less in the long run.

First things first

The steps to maintaining your asphalt are actually quite simple. Once you have your new pavement installed, plan ahead so that you can have it seal coated in the first year or two. After that make sure to sweep it regularly and clean out the drains.

Sweeping your lot gets rid of the dust, dirt, and debris this cleans it much like you when you brush and floss your teeth. When dirt sit on the asphalt it can cause a metaphorical “cavity” and eventually the surface of your asphalt can and will wear away. Sweeping should be done regularly to help with these potential issues. 

Making sure that water can flow into the drain is a huge deal. If water or snow sits on your asphalt you run the risk of it slowly over time eroding your base which can cause alligator cracks and water to seep into the base. If the base erodes you end up with nasty cracks that will need to be crack sealed as soon as possible, to protect the pavement.

Routine Cleaning

The biggest trick to making sure your lot looks nice and the drainage stays clean is by regularly sweeping or blowing off your asphalt and picking up any litter, branches, leaves, and dirt left there. When those accumulate they can act like an abrasive on the Asphalt and clog your drainage routes. This will wear down the seal coat and the asphalt faster, and shorten the life expectancy of your asphalt.


Keep in mind all of these things are to help extend the life and the beauty of your asphalt. Over time cracks and other signs of age will show. When those occur simply contact us for crack seal and possibly another coat of seal coat, and it will have a fresh new look. All these tips will make your asphalt look 100 times better and last as long as possible.