//Commercial Concrete Installation and Repair
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Commercial Concrete Installation and Repair

Amazing curb appeal brings in more business. The exterior of your business property, including beautiful concrete, can help create a great first impression that will improve your success. In addition, trip hazards are a liability. Just one lawsuit can be a huge distraction and expense even if it doesn’t cause a business to go under.  Here at Top Job, we provide superior concrete repair services to meet your needs.

Concrete Patching

Concrete can get chipped by snow plows, forklifts, customer vehicles or spalled by the freeze-thaw cycle. Patching will improve appearance, make the concrete last longer and decrease liability. In areas such as loading docks, storage areas or where forklifts work, when speed to reopen is more critical than aesthetics, fast setting epoxy patches can be used. In retail areas where looks count, concrete patching is a great option. 


Asphalt requires a steeper slope to drain than concrete. That’s why you see valley gutters in parking lots where the grade is marginal. We can help improve your drainage by installing concrete valley gutters in critical areas.

Concrete Crack Repair

Cracks can be repaired by routing and caulking if maintaining the integrity of the concrete is more important than looking pretty. Routing and caulking concrete cracks prevents excess water from infiltrating cracks, eroding the base and accelerating freeze-thaw related issues.

Concrete Grinding and Lifting

Grinding is a good option for small trip hazards where concrete slabs have raised or sunk, or when the entrance to a waterway is too high. Sunken slabs can be raised and leveled using foam injection which also increases the load bearing capacity of the subgrade and fills voids.

Concrete Replacement

Of course, sometimes it’s best to just tear out old concrete and start over. We can replace damaged pieces of curb and gutter, sidewalks, steps, drain boxes and manhole collars. No job is too small!

Concrete Sealing

Concrete is porous and allows water to soak into the surface. Salt and ice-melt attract even more moisture. During freeze-thaw cycles the water expands and contracts causing the surface to peel, pop or flake. Sealing concrete every 2-3 years helps preserve it.  You can perform a simple test to see if your concrete needs to be sealed by pouring a little bit of water on the surface and watching to see if it soaks in or beads up. When it soaks in, it’s time to seal again.

Our expert team at Top Job is dedicated to providing you with the array of concrete related services that you need for your business. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us at Top Job today!