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Sealcoating & Surface Treatment Advantages


Extending the life of your commercial parking lot or driveway is most effectively accomplished when you obtain the appropriate preventative maintenance for your asphalt. We offer a large selection of options to restore your asphalt to its prior pristine appearance. Contact us at Top Job Asphalt in order to learn about obtaining the benefits of sealcoating and alternative treatment options for your asphalt surfaces.

Top Guard

The appropriate maintenance goes a long way toward protecting your surfaces. Here at Top Job Asphalt, we use the leading innovations in technology in order to optimize our surface treatments. The acrylic polymers that are used in our top guard surface treatments provide a multitude of benefits to asphalt surfaces. They serve to dramatically increase the strength of the surface. They also improve the flexibility, adhesion, durability, solvent resistance, cohesion, and water-resistance of the surface. Top guard surface treatments ensure a richer, deep black color for the surface. They also provide faster cure times, which allows you to open your road or parking lot more quickly.


A sealcoat is an important component in protecting the surface of your asphalt. This coat performs a function very similar to sunscreen on human skin. Without a sealcoat, pavement will dry out and fall apart relatively quickly. With a sealcoat, a paved surface will last for an extended amount of time. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of repair costs, but it will also improve the curb appeal of your property.

Fog Seal

Obtaining a fog seal for your paved surface can help to delay the impact of weathering and oxidation. These seals last for a few years and can provide an instant facelift for your surface, which goes a long way toward improving curb appeal. These surface treatments are slower curing, so it is important to ensure that an area can be closed for 4-6 hours when you decide to obtain a fog seal for your asphalt surface.

Slurry Seal

Slurry seal treatments are often used to fill defects in a paved surface. This can prevent water from pooling on the surface, which can both protect the condition of the surface and reduce the likelihood of hydroplaning. It can also help to improve the skid resistant qualities of the paved surface.


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