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Slurry Seal

Obtaining a slurry seal can go a long way toward repairing issues on the surface of the paved surface. There are many benefits that can be obtained with the use of a slurry seal. There are a multitude of treatments that can be applied to a paved surface in order to protect a surface, as well as improve the appearance of the surface.

What is a Slurry Seal?

A slurry seal is essentially made up out of a mix of ingredients. These ingredients include water, aggregate, emulsified asphalt, and additives. They create a creamy, fluid appearance when first applied to the surface. These seals are used primarily to fill defects in the surface of the pavement. They may also be used as preparation for additional maintenance or repair services.

The Benefits of These Surface Treatments

Slurry seals can be used to prevent water from pooling on a paved surface. This can go a long way toward protecting the surface and preventing damage from escalating, due to the buildup of water. This can also prevent vehicles from hydroplaning on the surface of the pavement. A slurry seal can improve the skid resistance of the surface, as well. Implementing a slurry seal to your paved surface can go a long way toward improving the functionality, as well as the appearance of the paved surface.

Obtaining the best surface treatment can substantially improve the condition, along with the appearance of your asphalt surface. A slurry seal is just one of the options that we offer to improve your paved surface. In addition to slurry sealing services, we are also able to implement fog seals, top guards, and sealcoats. To obtain the appropriate information to make the best decision for surface treatments for your paved surface, contact our experts at Top Job Asphalt today!