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Parking Lot Paving & Repair

Parking Lot Paving

Ever wondered why so many parking lots have puddles, or are falling apart? Contrary to what you might think, it’s not always because the business hasn’t been doing proper maintenance. It’s often because minimum specs on thickness, drainage, and other issues are barely met, or even not met, during the construction process. Then, after construction, things start to settle. Maybe the lot was designed for light cars, without considering delivery trucks or garbage trucks. Heavy trucks cause some cracking. 2% slope becomes 1.5%. Water is not running off like it should, and soaks through the cracks, saturating the base, and a parking lot that should have lasted 50 years, looks terrible in 15.

Top Job Asphalt knows that minimum specs are just that, MINIMUMS. A little time and money spent now will save thousands down the road. We are committed to creating a product you can count on for years to come, outlasting the competition. When you meet with our estimators, you will see the difference.

Parking Lot Repair

More and more, the look and feel of a commercial facility is vital to attracting and retaining customers. Parking areas are one of the first things people see when considering patronizing a business. Properly maintained pavement gives a clean and professional appearance that communicates a commitment to quality that customers recognize.

Top Job Asphalt can help you save money AND generate more revenue by attracting new clients and helping you keep existing clients from going next door. Whether you need paving, repairs, striping, signage, ADA upgrades, or concrete work, Top Job Asphalt is the right choice to help maximize your investment.

We understand that to successful companies, budget is king. With the right communication, we can tailor a maintenance plan that fits within your budget. One of the main ways to save on maintenance is to batch services, rather than areas. Rather than crack seal, patch, seal coat, and stripe a section at a time, paying mobilization for four different crews, it is cheaper to patch and crack seal this year, and seal coat and stripe next year. There are a hundred ways for us to help you save, we just need to know the budget we are working with.

Pavement is a significant asset in any portfolio.
Our Parking Lot Paving Services insure that asset lasts a very long time.


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