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Traffic Markings

The appropriate traffic markings are important in ensuring that your parking lot or other paved surface meets all the legal requirements. When these markings are done poorly, it can lead to a substantial amount of damage. It is important to ensure that you obtain all of the appropriate markings and signage to keep your paved surface up to snuff with legal requirements.


Signage is required for a reason. Effective signage is designed to enhance safety and ensure that motorists are able to follow the rules of the road. Obtaining the appropriate services can help to ensure that your paved surface meets all of the relevant requirements. This can go a long way toward ensuring that your surface is safe, as well as minimizing the likelihood of possible legal fines.

Traffic Markings

Striping is the frosting on the cake for any asphalt project. It’s really what gives it that beauty and pop. A bad striping job can tarnish tens of thousands of dollars of otherwise good work. As such it is critical that striping contractors have a very meticulous mindset, with extreme attention to detail. It is also critical that the paint chosen is chemically compatible with any surface treatment performed. Top Job will make sure that our work brings out the very best in your property.

It is incredibly important to obtain both the appropriate traffic markings and signage for any parking lots, streets, or other related asphalt surfaces. Here at Top Job Asphalt, our experts pay attention to detail in order to ensure that you can obtain superior signage and markings. In addition to providing the right traffic markings and signage, we also provide many other services. For superior surface treatments, along with multiple other services, contact our experts at Top Job Asphalt today!

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  • Post Hole Digging and Installation

  • Traffic & Parking Lot Sign Installation

  • Bollard Installation


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