//Most Common Causes of Asphalt Damage

Asphalt surfaces are extremely durable. This is why they are used incredibly commonly, especially for things like roads and outdoor fixtures. However, asphalt can also breakdown over time, so they will eventually require resurfacing. Understanding some of the most common causes of asphalt damage will ultimately help you to understand why asphalt has to be resurfaced over time. When you’ve noticed signs of wear or damage to the asphalt surfaces of your property, you should obtain the appropriate services to prevent the damage from escalating. This can help to ensure that your surfaces continue to function effectively and reduce the likelihood of repair expenses. Here at Top Job Asphalt, we provide an array of services to ensure that your asphalt surfaces are in good condition and remain functional.  

Improper Installation

Asphalt installation is not something that should be done by yourself. It is important to ensure that your asphalt surfaces are installed by a professional company. When the asphalt surface isn’t installed properly, it will likely break down much more quickly. This will ultimately result in substantial issues over time. Proper installation helps to ensure that the asphalt surfaces remain in the best possible condition. A professional company will also be able to advise you regarding the best protective layers to add longevity and durability to your asphalt surface.

Lack of Maintenance

Asphalt requires regular maintenance. Just like many other fixtures and structures, it is important to provide regular maintenance to catch damage early on and ensure that the fixture is in good condition. Though asphalt is exceedingly durable, there are many ways in which they can sustain damage. Ensuring that they have the right maintenance can help to keep the surface in good condition. These services can also help to ensure that the surface continues to function as effectively as possible. Reduced repair expenses are just one of the benefits that regular maintenance can provide.

Heavy Traffic

asphalt damage

As with most things, the more something is used, the faster it will wear down. The same thing applies to asphalt surfaces. If an area sustains relatively high levels of traffic, it is likely that they will require more work than other areas. For example, roads that are driven on more quickly will require more frequent resurfacing and other maintenance services. Keep in mind the intended use of the surface when it comes to deciding on the best maintenance plan to keep the asphalt surface in good condition. More frequent maintenance will be required when it comes to areas that are used exceedingly often. Consult with our expert team to identify the best way to care for your asphalt surface to ensure that it continues to function as it is intended to.

Water Exposure

Nearly every asphalt surface is located outdoors. This means that they will almost always be exposed to water. It is important to ensure that a system is in place in order to prevent water from sitting on the surface. When water is allowed to pool on the asphalt surface, it tends to cause the asphalt to deteriorate. This can result in cracks to the surface and additional damage. It can also cause an escalation of damage when cracks are already present on the surface. This allows water to penetrate between the cracks. This can cause additional wear. If the temperatures drop enough for water to freeze, it will cause the cracks to expand.  


Oxidation is another issue that causes asphalt to break down over time. As the asphalt breaks down, it becomes far less flexible. Flexibility is an important trait, because it helps to prevent damage. When asphalt becomes less flexible, it becomes more susceptible to cracks and sustaining additional damage. This problem is compounded when the asphalt surface sustains high levels of traffic.

Earth Settlement

The earth is constantly moving and shifting around us. There is no way to stop it from doing so. Unfortunately, this can cause additional strain to the asphalt surface. This tends to lead to cracks, breaks, and other damage on the asphalt surface.

UV Rays

UV rays can cause damage to surfaces when they are exposed to the rays over time. This can lead to fading and wear. It can also cause the asphalt materials to break down, which causes many of the same issues that are consistent with oxidation.

Oil Stains

Oil stains that are allowed to stay on the surface of the asphalt will ultimately penetrate through the top layer. This can lead to additional damage to the asphalt surface. It is important to wipe up oil spills as soon as possible to prevent this damage from occurring. It is also important to have your vehicles repaired if they regularly leave oil stains on the asphalt surfaces of your property.

Signs of Asphalt Damage

Understanding the signs of asphalt damage can help you to obtain the services that you need before the damage is allowed to escalate to a substantial amount. The presence of cracks is a sure sign that you need repairs to your asphalt. When cracks appear, they are only likely to escalate. Distortion of the surface and disintegration of the asphalt, which often causes potholes, are additional signs that there is damage to your asphalt surfaces. When you notice these signs, you should take the steps to obtain the services that you need to repair the surfaces. Implementing seal coats or other protective layers can help to keep your asphalt surfaces in the best condition for as long as possible.

Here at Top Job Asphalt, we offer a broad array of services to ensure that your asphalt surfaces remain in the best possible condition. These services are available for both residential and commercial properties. This helps to ensure that your surfaces can obtain the repairs, installation, and maintenance services that you need to keep them functioning effectively. To learn more about the services that we offer and how to keep your asphalt surfaces in good condition for as long as possible, contact our experts at Top Job Asphalt today!

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