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Top Job Asphalt provides Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and Wyoming with professional asphalt maintenance, paving, & patching.


Crack Sealing

Cracks that appear on municipal streets are incredibly common. Unfortunately, these cracks can simply lead to escalating damage. When a crack appears, it may allow plants to grow in their place, which can cause further breaks and damage. In addition, cracks allow water to penetrate through the surface. In cold weather, this can lead to frozen water, which will expand and further the damage. Water can also cause excessive erosion even in warmer temperatures.It is vital to have cracks sealed effectively when they appear in order to prevent the damage from escalating.


Municipal Surface Treatments

There are many surface treatments that can add a layer of protection to the surface of a municipal street. A top guard can improve the strength of the municipal street and add to the street’s resistance to multiple types of damage. Other surface treatments can help to fill in damage that is present on the surface. The array of surface treatments that we offer can substantially improve the strength and appearance of a municipal street. The appropriate surface treatment will likely depend on the traffic volumes of the area and the demands that it must meet. Our experts can help you to determine the best municipal surface treatment to meet all of your needs.


Pothole Repair and Patching

 Potholes can cause a large array of problems. It can cause damage to vehicles traveling over the surface, along with a plethora of other issues. We offer pothole repair and patching services to ensure that you can have pothole problems resolved efficiently and easily. These services can help to repair the damage, restore the street to normal, and prevent damage to vehicles that travel over the surface.

Our municipal services are designed to keep streets in the best possible condition. They can repair damage, provide preventative maintenance, and enhance the appearance of the road. Contact our experts at Top Job Asphalt to learn more about our municipal services.


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