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Municipal Fog Seal

The right surface treatments go a long way toward protecting your asphalt surfaces. A fog seal
is just one of the many surface treatments that we use to ensure a superior appearance,
alongside superior strength for your asphalt surface. Fog sealing can go a long way toward
enhancing the protection and improving the condition of the asphalt.

What is Fog Sealing?

Fog sealing is a thin, protective covering that serves to provide rejuvenating effects for paved
surfaces. Fog sealing is one of the slower curing surface treatments, so it is important to keep in
mind that fog sealing is most beneficial for low traffic areas, as it requires the area to be closed
for around 4-6 hours. It only lasts for a few years, but is rather inexpensive and is a great
preventative maintenance measure to protect the condition of your asphalt surfaces.

The Benefits of a Fog Seal

There are many benefits to obtaining a fog seal coat for your paved surface. It helps to restore
flexibility, as well as rejuvenate an asphalt surface. Fog sealing can provide an immediate
improvement to the appearance of the surface, which can go a long way toward benefiting the
surface. It aids in delaying the negative effects of weathering or oxidation. A fog sealing coat
provides a waterproofing aspect to the surface, which can provide appropriate protection. It is
a relatively inexpensive service that can provide a multitude of benefits for a paved surface.
There are many surface coating options available to enhance the appearance of your paved
surface and protect its condition. Here at Top Job Asphalt, we provide many surface coating
treatments to ensure that your paved surface remains in the best condition possible. To learn
more about the services that we offer, contact our experts at Top Job Asphalt today!