/How to care for your new asphalt
How to care for your new asphalt 2020-09-10T14:03:44-07:00


Here are some tips to keep your asphalt in good condition:

  • New asphalt is soft and pliable…keep vehicles off new asphalt for 24 hours when possible. If you must drive on it, wait at least 8 hours and do not turn tires while stopped.

  • Driving on or over edges of new asphalt will cause cracks and crumbling.

  • Protect from concentrated weight by not parking heavy vehicles for a week.

  • Avoid turning on your asphalt unless the vehicle is in motion.  This will cause divots.

  • Prolong appearance and life of asphalt by cleaning up oil and chemical spills as soon as possible.

  • When it comes to fuel spills, diesel or regular unleaded gasoline will destroy or severely damage the asphalt…clean up immediately.

  • Avoid driving heavy equipment such as large trucks on your new asphalt if it was not designed to handle heavy equipment.

24 hrs.
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Protect Your Asphalt

Sealcoat regularly (every 2-3 years), or reseal once most of the previous sealer has worn off.

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