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Top Job Asphalt takes care of our Wendy’s. They did what they said they would do when they said it would be done and exceeded our expectations.

Jeff Gibson, Wendy's

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Before and After Sealcoat Job on Apartment Parking Lot

We know that managing apartments can be difficult. Tenants want things to be fixed right away but sometimes don’t enjoy being inconvenienced by parking maintenance.

We work with you to always plan around your tenants’ schedule so that we can keep the complaints and inconvenience for both of you to a minimum.

Let’s make your job easier this time around.

The Hampton Inn Sealcoat Job

We were able to get this job done quickly and impressed customers with how black and smooth the lot was.

Plus taking care of those potholes and cracks got rid of liability issues that come with tripping and stagnant water that freezes over.

Municipal Work.

Crack sealing roads and sealcoating are both popular jobs in Salt Lake for us at Top Job.

We make sure that the process is smooth for you and that we are always responsive to your needs.

The work will be done quickly and it will be done well and we follow through on our promises.

Top Job Asphalt takes care of our Wendy’s. They did what they said they would do when they said it would be done and exceeded our expectations.

Jeff Gibson, Wendy's

They did a great job and worked around our busiest schedule to get the parking lot done in a timely manner. There was no interruption to our business. That was great.

Eric Kleven, Birch Creek Golf Course

The work is done quickly and efficiently and once I’ve ordered the work to be done, I don’t have to worry about it again, because I know it will be done on time and well.

Dave Compton, University Parking & Maintenance

We had Top Job install an upgraded sealcoat product with a 5-year guaranteed wear life. They were careful in their work and kept their commitments, producing a quality product.

Charles Wheeler, Grounds Supervisor

Why We Love Salt Lake Valley

Top Job Asphalt is proud to serve the Salt Lake Valley with the best contractor services available. We are proud to lead the industry with our 5-year warranty and most of all love our customers… you!

The best thing, about being an intermountain west company, is the people. There’s just something different in the air, even CNN says so. They recently announced Salt Lake City as the least stressed-out city in the entire country.

From Clark Planetarium to the University of Utah, to the Towner Theatre, we’re proud to serve such a beautiful and complete city.

We Support

We support many local businesses and organizations in the area. A few of these include:

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. This is an incredible resource for business owners in the area. The have an impressive event calendar that is always full of incredible resources to any business owner.

Women’s Business Center. This is part of the Salt Lake Chamber and offers some really in-depth mentorship, consulting and resources to women in business. It’s great to see so much good coming from the Chamber of Commerce.

Temple Square is a rich center of culture for Utah. Each year there are 3 to 5 million visitors from all over the world. Admission is free and there is no shortage of unique tours to go on and historical buildings to see. Some of the especially interesting ones include the tabernacle building which is where the world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings. Also, worth seeing is the Church History Museum.

The Rose Wagner Theatre is also a must see. From art galleries to performance theatre, it is hard to not find something worth seeing. The Utah Symphony plays here and it is also home to the Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre.

Other Fun Facts About Salt Lake

CNN reported this city as the least stressed out. While this is mostly due to the great economy, there’s a lot of other factors here too.

The Salt Lake City International Airport is the fourth largest.

Salt Lake is a great place for health and bicyclists. It was voted a Silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community. We have a lot of bike lanes throughout the city. The city has been very proactive about continuing support too.

Great public transportation. Our public transportation is run by the UTA and does a great job at connecting so much of Salt Lake. In fact, we have the 3rd best in the entire nation! The UTA system connects our population with direct routes to 59% of all jobs in the valley.

Many events are held at the Rose Wagner Theatre including parts of the famous Sundance Film Festival.

We have Temple Square. There is a lot of culture here and thousands of people travel from all over the world to visit.

Marathons! Salt Lake is also the home of the Salt Lake City Marathon. This is an international event which we have been hosting since 2004

Greek Festivals is a 3-day event that is held right here in the heart of Utah. Every year on the weekend after Labor day, Greek festivities really take center stage here in the valley. There are tours of some very beautiful cathedrals. With more than 50,000 in attendance, there is a whole lot to see. There are also plenty of booths, dance events, delicious Greek food and Greek music

Pioneer Day. Most states only get one day of fireworks during July, but we get two. We don’t just get fireworks, there is a lot of other excitement to look forward to on July 24. Pioneer day is a very important day culturally to Utah and Salt Lake is the best place to enjoy it. We get an entire week of festivities and enjoy many parades. In fact, the Days of ‘47 Parade is of the largest parades in the entire country.


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