/How to care for your new sealcoat
How to care for your new sealcoat 2020-09-10T14:04:40-07:00


Short-Term: Keep off the surface

How long should you wait?

After several hours the new sealcoat should look flat black in color.  If it’s still shiny, you can pat it with a paper towel – if the towel remains clean, it’s dry.  If there is any residue on the towel, wait a few hours and then retest.

  • No vehicle traffic for 24-48 hours

  • No sprinklers for 24 hours

24 hrs.

Long Term: Making your sealcoat last

  • Avoid heavy equipment and construction activities.
  • Do not use heavy/aggressive metal equipment for snow removal – use rubber blades on snow plows that are properly adjusted.
  • Keep pavement clean from dirt and gravel.
  • Maintain good water drainage from surface
  • Keep vehicle fluids and chemicals from contracting sealcoat/asphalt
  • Avoid excessive heat from engines & fires.
sealcoating crew applying sealcoat to a parking lot

Protect Your Asphalt

Sealcoat regularly (every 2-3 years), or reseal once most of the previous sealer has worn off.

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