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Keeping your concrete surfaces maintained is essential to ensuring that they remain in good condition. In order to complete this, you will need to ensure that you regularly provide concrete repair services when they become necessary. Our expert team at Top Job Asphalt can help to provide the various services that are necessary in keeping your concrete surfaces in the best possible condition. Here are a few of the important signs that you need concrete repair services for your concrete surfaces.

The Development of Cracks

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Cracks tend to be the most obvious sign that your concrete surface requires effective repairs. Both small and large cracks are reasons to obtain concrete repairs, though the large ones tend to indicate a greater degree of damage. When cracks have appeared on your concrete surfaces, you can be positive that the concrete surface has begun to weaken. In fact, this also indicates that water has penetrated beneath the surface of your concrete. When cracks begin to appear on your concrete, you will want to ensure that you obtain the appropriate repair services to prevent this damage from escalating. You should obtain crack sealing repairs to prevent this damage from causing more damage to your property.

Uneven Slabs

When concrete begins to sustain damage, it will start to become uneven. This can lead to many additional problems, though it is an indication of damage in and of itself. It is important to have the concrete repaired when it begins to become uneven. This will help you to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls on your property. It will also help to repair the damage to your concrete surface before it can lead to additional damage to the concrete. This is an important sign of damage to your concrete.

Weakened Surface

A concrete surface is commonly used due to the extreme durability that these surfaces have. When the surface begins to weaken, it is important to note that the surface is damaged. This is often apparent when pieces and chunks of the concrete come loose. Not only does this impact the overall appearance of your concrete surface, but it will also indicate that the concrete surface is weakening. It is important to ensure that you have repairs made at this time. This will help to restore the strength of the concrete surface and extend its lifetime.


Discoloration commonly occurs when water damage occurs to your concrete surface. It is important to ensure that you pay careful attention when your concrete surfaces begin to discolor. This is often when you need to begin providing concrete repair services for the surface. This will help to restore it to superior condition, while simultaneously improving its overall appearance.

Pooling Water

Water isn’t supposed to pool on your concrete surfaces. It is supposed to drain away from the surface. When water pools, it will generally eat away at the concrete surface, which leads to damage. In addition, the water pooling in the first place is a sign of damage. This often indicates that the surface is uneven, which is preventing the water from draining as it is supposed to. If you notice pooling water on your concrete surfaces, you will want to ensure that you provide the steps to repair the concrete surface.


Potholes are a very large sign that your concrete surface has sustained damage. When potholes arise, it is very likely that the surface has seen a substantial amount of wear. In addition, potholes that are allowed to remain will often result in much more damage to the surface. When you notice potholes, you will want to ensure that you obtain repairs as quickly as necessary.

Diminished Appearance

A diminished appearance is a problem for your concrete surface for multiple reasons. Not only will a diminished appearance impact the value and atmosphere of the concrete surface, but it also indicates that there is an issue with the concrete. When you implement the right repair services, you will be able to ensure that the concrete surface remains in the best possible condition and is restored to its previous superior appearance. This is just one of the many signs that you need concrete repair services for your building.

Our experts at Top Job Asphalt are dedicated to providing you with the concrete repair services that are necessary in protecting your concrete surfaces. These repairs can help to mitigate damage and ensures that your concrete surfaces remain in the best possible condition. This is valuable in extending their lifetime and reducing the amount of damage that occurs to your property. If you notice any of these signs with your concrete surfaces, it will be beneficial to ensure that you have the appropriate repairs made as soon as possible. To learn more about our concrete repair services, contact our experienced team at Top Job Asphalt today!

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