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Have you ever accidentally hit a pothole on the road and noticed immediate damage to your vehicle? Potholes can form on your asphalt surfaces, which can result in many problems for your property. It is important to understand the various aspects of pothole repair to ensure that you make the ideal decisions to protect your asphalt surface. Moisture intrusion is often the most common cause of pavement deterioration. When you obtain fast, effective pothole repair, you can prevent a substantial amount of damage from occurring to your property. Our experienced team at Top Job Asphalt can help to ensure that the appropriate repair services are made to your property in order to protect your asphalt surfaces.  

How Potholes Form

Understanding how potholes form can help you to take the steps to prevent them and protect your asphalt surfaces. Rainwater and moisture tend to be the leading cause of pothole formation. When there are minute cracks in the surface of the asphalt, rainwater will be able to seep through the crack. If this occurs, but the ground is too frozen for the water to absorb into it, the water will pool between the layer of the asphalt and the roadbed. When the temperatures drop, the water will freeze and expand. This ultimately pushes the asphalt up and away from its place beside the roadbed. Once this water thaws, it will leave behind a cavity. As vehicles and weight place pressure on this cavity, it will often cause the asphalt to deteriorate, which can result in potholes and other damage.

Why you Need Pothole Repair

pothole repair

There are many reasons that you need to obtain pothole repair services as soon as you notice their formation. When you let your pothole repair fall to the wayside, it is likely that substantial damage can occur to your surface. In addition to this, pothole damage can detract from the surface and value of your property. Our experienced team at Top Job Asphalt can help to provide the pothole repair services that are necessary in preserving and protecting your asphalt surfaces. Our thorough services can help to restore your asphalt surfaces to their prior, pristine condition.

Improve Curb Appeal

When potholes form on the surface of your asphalt, they often severely detract from the appearance of the property. This can cause customers or other people to have a negative first impression of your property. When you have your potholes repaired as necessary, you can help to alleviate the impact that these potholes have on the appearance of your property. This can often go a long way toward improving the appearance of your property and minimizing the likelihood of substantial damage.

Increase Property Value

When a property has many potholes, it will likely have a lower property value. These potholes will be in need of repair, which generally reduces the property’s value. By having your potholes repaired, you can help to increase the overall value of your property. Not only does it prevent future damage from occurring to the surface, but it can also provide an immediate increase to the value of the property. This is just one of the major benefits that come along with pothole repair services.

Potholes Pose a Safety Hazard

When you have potholes on your property, they pose a significant safety hazard. For one thing, pedestrians can easily trip over a pothole and get injured in the process. In addition to this, vehicles that travel over pothole-ridden surfaces often get damaged. When you have pothole repairs made to your property, you can often reduce the likelihood of individuals becoming injured on your property. Not only can this keep people safe on your premises, but it can also prevent liability issues.

Prevent Liability Issues

When someone gets injured on your property, such as by tripping over a pothole, you may be held liable for their medical expenses. This can result in substantial costs, whether in medical bills, litigation expenses, or other costs. You may also be held liable if someone’s vehicle becomes damaged due to potholes on your property. When you ensure that you have these pothole repairs made as quickly as possible, you can minimize the likelihood that you will find yourself at the wrong end of a liability lawsuit. This is an important component of both protecting yourself and protecting the people that visit your property.

Prevent Additional Damage

Potholes can easily lead to additional damage to your surface. When these surfaces have a pothole, they will ultimately be weaker and more susceptible to deterioration. They will also allow for additional moisture intrusion into the area. This will ultimately cause much more deterioration and damage. The more damage that the surface has, the more difficult and expensive it will be to repair the damage. With the appropriate repairs, you can help to prevent this additional damage from occurring to your property.

There are many reasons that pothole repair services are important. As winter approaches and potholes are more likely to form, it will be important to ensure that the appropriate repairs are made as necessary. To learn more about the importance of pothole repair services and the various services that we offer at Top Job Asphalt, contact our team today!

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